DotaHut Guide Contest


2x Razer Kraken Pro
4x Razer DeathAdders
3x Gunnars

How to enter the contest

1. Like the DotaHut Facebook

2. Sign up for an account on DotaHut or login to your existing account

3. Create a guide for any hero and release the guide when it is done

4. Show your guide to your friends to get feedback and upvotes

5. Edit your guide to improve it over time

How to win

Highest quality guide authors* win the prizes. Authors choose which prize they want (highest quality one chooses first, lowest one choses last).

Winners will be contacted via private message on DotaHut. Contest ends March 31th, 2013. Winners will be publicly announced as soon as possible afterwards.

Rules and regulations

* Click here to read the rules and regulations.